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Bayer CEO raises settlement possibility

In a rather condescending way to those who suffer from or have died from a terrible disease such as lymphoma, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann made remarks this week indicating the company would consider settling the claims against it if the costs were low. Specifically, he referred to my clients and these very serious lawsuits as “nuisances” and said if the cost of preparing to defend a case were higher than what he deemed the low “nuisance” value of these cases, the company would consider settlement.

Monsanto’s merger with Bayer was finalized during our trial this summer, and Monsanto’s incredibly arrogant statements have given way to more pragmatic statements such as this. While I do not expect to secure a $289 million verdict for each of our clients, these cases are serious and clearly have more than “nuisance value.” We will fight on until any settlement offers are such that there is real justice being done.

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